I have read that BATS/Chi-X Europe routes orders to other EU equity venues. How can I determine what that list of venues is?

  • Have you tried contacting them and asking? – keshlam Sep 11 '16 at 4:08
  • Not really, thought it would be publicly available? – Hiru Sep 11 '16 at 4:16

It is explained on their website. Just look for the word "routing" on the Features page:

Choose Your Venues

Liquidity Pools

Group 1: Bats Europe

Start with the deep liquidity of Bats Europe’s dark and lit order books.

Group 2: Liquidity Partner (LP)

Add this group to access dark pool liquidity.


Group 3: Exchanges and MTFs

Choose to access additional Exchanges and MTFs across Europe.

London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, Deutsche Börse, Euronext,
SIX Swiss Exchange, Nasdaq OMX, Turquoise and Wiener Börse.
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