I live in the UK. I would like to invest in an Asian stock market, say Japan's, ideally in the main index, in order to have exposure to the currency rate change in addition to the index exposure.

How can I do that? I've looked into the main investment platforms (H&L, etc), but they seem to only offer euro or usd stocks, and with high fees.

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Use an exchange traded fund ETF, namely SPDR MSCI Japan EUR Hdg Ucits ETF.

It is hedged and can be bought in the UK by this broker State Street Global Advisors on the London Stock Exchange LSE.

Link here.

Article on JAPAN ETF hedged in Sterling Pound here.

  • Why EUR hedged? Is there a GBP hedged version or unhedged?
    – SMeznaric
    Aug 27, 2016 at 0:51

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