I'm based in the UK. Using Hargraves Lansdown platform I've purchased various shares on the NASDAQ exchange. Today I decided I would like to purchase some Atlassian shares which are also on the NASDAQ exchange. However they were not available through the HL platform.

I questioned HL about this and they responded: "Unfortunately Atlassian Corp plc (TEAM) does not settle in Crest and we are therefore unable to trade them. "

I'm curious what determines where a stock can settle in CREST? Is there a list of CREST compatible stocks?

  • That surprises me, as they use Computershare as transfer agent which certainly seems to use CREST. But I'm not an expert in this area at all, hopefully someone who is will happen by. – Joe Aug 24 '16 at 16:26

I'm having the same issue with AJ Bell, and I got this reply when asking for a list of stocks which settle in CREST:

"Unfortunately, there is not a list of CREST settleable securities that we can send to you. We use something called the Crest Gui which is a system that allows us to check each stock an individual basis. However, we pay a fee to CREST for this service. Therefore, it would be a case of having to check with us on an ad-hoc basis I’m afraid."

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