How can I get my financial data out of Quicken in a text format. I want to have a way to keep and access my data even if Quicken stops working.

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    What exactly do you mean by "a text format"? Quicken will export a QIF file, which is a text format. – BrenBarn Aug 13 '16 at 6:20

One way to do this is to print your account register to a text file. Quicken won't help you here, but you can trick it to print to a .prn file.

Install the Microsoft generic text printer driver (instructions for Windows 10):

Click the start button
Open the "Settings" app
Open the "Devices" app
Click on "Add a printer or scanner". Wait a bit
Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
Select "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings"
Click "Next"
Select "Use an existing port" (default)
Select "FILE: (print to File)", like this:

Port selection dialog box

Click "Next"
Under "Manufacturer" select "Generic" Under "Printers" select "Generic / Text Only"

This will install your generic printer driver.

Now, in Quicken go to File--Print [your account name]

Click through this process and select your new text printer, like this:

Printer selection dialog box

Select "Fit to one page wide" Click "Print" Enter your file specification.

The resulting .prn file can be opened with a text editor.

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As far as I know, Quicken registers can't easily be exported as CSV files (which is probably what you meant by a text file -- comma-separated values), but Quicken reports can, and you can create a report that has the registry's full history. See the documentation, or websearch "export Quicken", for specifics.

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  • Right on both points. I just wanted to put this interesting method out for someone to find. I wish Quicken would export and import registers to/from .csv, It seems an obvious feature, but I guess it's a business decision. One thing I was trying to get, that motivated me to try the printing trick, was the Posting Date. Alas, that does not come out either way. – Volga89 Aug 15 '16 at 1:11

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