I'm looking to buy a put option, but I don't understand the pricing.

There is a stock X, and it trades at $200 / share. A 1 week put option is priced at $0.75 / option. But to actually make the trade for 1 option, the cost of the transaction is $75.00 -- 100x the put cost!

Similarly, if I buy a longer term put option, ~180 days, the cost is $8.00 / share, and the transaction cost for 1 share is ~$800.00.

Why is the cost of the order 100x the cost of the actual put option price?

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    BTW, with 350 such questions, you can see, it's a topic that has a following here. In one post I'd recommend I suggest a great book on the topic, and offer some of my own experience. Jul 29 '16 at 15:56

Standard options are contracts for 100 shares. If the option is for $0.75/share and you are buying the contract for 100 shares the price would be $75 plus commission. Some brokers have mini options available which is a contract for 10 shares. I don't know if all brokers offer this option and it is not available on all stocks.

The difference between the 1 week and 180 day price is based on anticipated price changes over the given time. Most people would expect more volatility over a 6 month period than a 1 week period thus the demand for a higher premium for the longer option.

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