I have a question about the Spousal RRSP that I want to validate.

When can you start contributing back to a Spousal RRSP after a withdrawal has been made?

Summary of actions taken so far:

  • My last contribution was in December 2012.
  • I made a withdrawal (partial de-registration) in January 2016.

As I understand it:

Any withdrawals from Jan 1, 2015 are attributed as income to my spouse.

  • 2012 (last deposit)
  • 2013 (no activity)
  • 2014 (no activity)
  • 2015 (no activity)
  • 2016 (withdrawal) - Deposits in 2014, 2015, and 2016 ($0) attribute to me as income

So, my spouse will have income for the 2016 tax year from the SRRSP withdrawal.

Are the following assumptions correct:

  1. I should not (unfortunately) make a contribution in calendar year 2016 even though the contribution would be after the date she withdrew ( Jan 2016 ) to avoid it being attributed to me.
  2. I can still contribute in Jan-Feb 2017 and it will count as a deduction for the 2016 tax year
  3. I can contribute in Mar-Dec 2017 and it will count as a deduction for the 2017 tax year

I'm 80% sure about point 1, 99% sure about point 3. And I'm 50% sure about point 2.

Note: My assumptions are based on this from the CRA and here.


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