Does any online payment system (something like PayPal or the web site of a banking institution) make use of OpenID?

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  • authenticated in a decentralized manner - This would be a big deterrent for any finacial institution. But the link says paypal uses it, but till now I haven't seen it on their login process. – DumbCoder Feb 24 '11 at 14:50
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OpenID consists of three people:

  1. You, the end user.
  2. An OpenID provider, which can tell other people if someone is you or not (authentication).
  3. The relying party, which will confirm your identity by contacting the provider above.

Normally, a bank wants to perform the authentication and rely on that themselves. OpenID splits it into the parts 2 & 3 above. Paypal has joined openID, but they don't appear to support what you want. They want merchants to be the relying party, and want to continue hosting authentication themselves. From a security standpoint, this is probably the best, but it does cut the promise of federated identity at the knees.

I doubt if a financial institution would embrace an open source authentication system or something popular like Facebook Connect or Twitter Login.

Financial institutions do not like anything that isn't in their control, for legal and liability issues.

But then I could be wrong..

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