I incur expenses on behalf of clients who will reimburse. In quickbooks i would create bill to vendor and track to customer. expense went to A/P and the the other entry was an asset account. This was because it was essentially a loan to the customer. I need to track this to customer report. When I enter the Bill in gnucash it then asks me to post an invoice. Is something amiss? I create a bill, fill in the customer in default chargeback field. I stipulate the asset account. It says "post invoice" and a window pops up with the only account available in the pull down is Accounts receivable. What am I doing wrong?

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I have the same issue and have found that creating a "Customer Expense" parent account solves the problem.

I provide o365 for several people on my plan and I want them to reimburse me.

I create Expenses/Customer Expense/User1 and so on...

Bill is from Microsoft (5 X 29.11) and has five line items:

  • O365-monthly E3 / expenses/customer expense/user1
  • O365-monthly E3 / expenses/customer expense/user2
  • O365-monthly E3 / expenses/customer expense/user3
  • O365-monthly E3 / expenses/customer expense/user4
  • O365-monthly E3 / expenses/customer expense/user5

I do NOT expenses these to my expenses/household/online-services/o365 account because I will be REBILLING; it is NOT my expense - it is just a loan.

Later I Invoice each user for their accumulated items and charge this BACK to the same account.

Come billing time, I just review the list of customers with non-zero balances and invoice them.

Hope this helps. It works great for my needs.

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