I'm currently in the US as a non immigrant worker and a resident of Jersey City, NJ. I've recently got a NJ drivers license, I don't own a vehicle and been renting cars over the weekends to see places.

My Credit Cards cover the Collision Damage but I'm stuck with the state mandated minimum liability coverage. I don't have significant assets here and I feel a bit vulnerable having only the minimum liability coverage.

I read about Non-Owner Insurance online and it seemed like a good option to me but am finding it very hard to get a quote online and when I call companies, they either don't offer it in NJ or the premiums are insanely expensive.

Here are my findings -

  • Geico - $800 for 6 months offer the State Minimum at this rate.
  • State Farm - Contacted agent $1100 for 6 months for 100/300/100
  • Progressive - Doesn't write this Policy in NJ
  • Esurance - Doesn't write this policy in NJ
  • Mark Lauria, found online agents - Wanted SSN over phone, had to say no

My question(s) are -

  • Does it make sense for me to get Non owners insurance? (My net worth is about $30K and I make about $100K an year)

  • What's a competitive rate for such policies? (I'm only interested in liability insurance, What would I get for $30/month. I would ideally want a 100/300/100 policy)

  • How do I go about finding these policies?

  • Given how expensive these policies seem to be, does it make sense for me to buy a junker for a couple of hundred dollars and get liability on that?

If anyone has recommendations for an Agent or Insurance company that would fit my bill, that's super helpful.


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Car rental companies will offer to sell you short-term insurance (pai, cdw, etc.). Expensive per day, may not be unreasonable if you don't have other coverage

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