So I used TurboTax to do my taxes for the year. I e-filed like I normally do and it came back with error code

"R0000-902-01 - Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return."

I am assuming some one stolen my identity and filed my taxes already. Which really sucks since I owe about $7000 on top of dealing with this.

What is the proper course of action now?

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This is a clear sign of identity theft - someone filed a return using your TIN. There are several resources to use in this case.

  1. The FTC page on tax-related identity theft,
  2. The IRS page on the matter,
  3. Credit Freeze resources

You should familiarize yourself with the IP PIN and expect to receive one next filing season, once you've followed the instructions on the IRS site.

For this year's return - you'll need to paper-file it, attaching a completed form 14039 to it.

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