I have been helping a friend of mine who is owner of a small Beauty Salon. In the last year I have been helping her with so many legal-related things that it is taking too much of my time and I want to recommend her to seek professional help - unfortunately, I am not sure what professional I should refer her to, because there are so many regulations in California for small business owner that I don't think there is one person that would "know it all". But I am still asking this question just in case there is such person or at least if there exists website that would advice you on what you should do. :)

To give few examples of problems that she has to deal:

  1. Ensure that her salon complies IRS,FTB and EDD requirements in case she gets audited;
  2. Ensure that her salon complies with latest Barbering and Cosmetology board requirements in case she gets audited;
  3. Ensure that her salon complies Board of Equalization requirements in case she gets audited;
  4. Ensure that her salon complies with city and county requirements in case she gets audited by county's tax assessor.
  5. I probably missed other entities that could come to her salon any day and audit her, for example, fire department, consumer affairs department ...?

Are there professionals who specialize on consulting small business owners from A-Z so that business would be compliant with all regulations? What are the keywords to "google" them?

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Getting a specific service recommendation is off-topic, but the question of what type of professional you need seems on-topic to me. You may be looking for more than one professional in this case, but you could try these to start your search:

  • Attorney specializing in business law. (I know of a couple that do specialize in small business in CA, so they exist.)
  • Tax attorney
  • Certified public accountant (CPA)

Different people do things differently, but I think it would be pretty common to have a relationship (i.e. contract, retainer agreement, at least have met the person in case you have an "emergency") with a business law attorney and either a CPA or tax attorney. You may try not to use them too much to keep costs down, but you don't want to be searching for one after you have an issue. You want to know who you're going to call and may establish at least a basis working relationship.

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