I am in Europe and I would like to differentiate my portfolio in buying resources, such as oil, sulphuric acid, titanium etc. Of course not in material form, but as stocks. How can I achieve this?


I recommend avoiding trading directly in commodities futures and options. If you're not prepared to learn a lot about how futures markets and trading works, it will be an experience fraught with pitfalls and lost money – and I am speaking from experience.

Looking at stock-exchange listed products is a reasonable approach for an individual investor desiring added diversification for their portfolio. Still, exercise caution and know what you're buying.

It's easy to access many commodity-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on North American stock exchanges. If you already have low-cost access to U.S. markets, consider this option – but be mindful of currency conversion costs, etc.

Yet, there is also a European-based company, ETF Securities, headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands, which offers many exchange-traded funds on European exchanges such as London and Frankfurt. ETF Securities started in 2003 by first offering a gold commodity exchange-traded fund.

I also found the following: London Stock Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions about ETCs. The LSE ETC FAQ specifically mentions "ETF Securities" by name, and addresses questions such as how/where they are regulated, what happens to investments if "ETF Securities" were to go bankrupt, etc.

I hope this helps, but please, do your own due diligence.

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