A brand new mobile home was put on 4 acres that I own and there is another much older mobile home on the property, which one should carry "Homeowners insurance?

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    Do you own both mobile homes? Can you explain further exactly what you are asking? Jan 28, 2016 at 22:07

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Talk to your insurance agent. You at least want liability insurance for the whole property. If there is a loan against either of the mobiles, the bank will insist you insure it; ask them what their requirements are.

If there's no loan, And no local legal requirement -- which the agent should be able to tell you -- this becomes like the question of whether you need comprehensive insurance on a car. Do you care if a disaster destroys it completely or do you want some protection against that? Price it both ways; you may find that leaving one "naked" doesn't save as much as you expect.

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