So I sent Letter of Explanation over regular mail to Franchise Tax Board. I called them and they claim not to have yet received and/or scanned it. And instead suggested to Fax it.

However, I could not find fax number on their website so I tried to contact them over chat to find if it is ok to fax Tax Return. Now I got different answer that it is not ok to electronically send it because this is for previous years.

Contradicting information!

Has anyone had successful experience with sending amended Tax Returns to Franchise Tax Board?

This is for General Partnership form 565.

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CA tax returns must be submitted in paper by mail, or through e-file. Fax is not an option. Amended forms must be filed on paper, if I remember correctly.

More details here.

Letters you can fax, yes. Make sure you get the correct fax number and call to confirm they got it.

But better send certified mail, as well.

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