I am aware that if my foreign account holds a balance exceeding $10K I have to report it in FBAR when filing income tax. This became a hassle, so I closed it in mid-2014, and reported the account and whatever interest income I earned on it before its closure, when I filed in 2015 (for the year ending 12/31/2014).

My question is: since I haven't had any foreign bank account during the whole of 2015, can I simply not report anything when filing this year (2016)? Do I have to somehow report that it was closed and that's why I am not reporting it? I have all the necessary documentation from the SBI NRI branch that shows it was closed. Thanks for your advice.


Just don't list it any more. No special reporting needed. Check if there's a checkbox for "account was closed this year" somewhere, I vaguely remember there used to be.

  • Thanks, this checkbox you are referring to is in which form? Do you remember that? Is that form 1040, or FBAR, or something else? It can't be FBAR I guess, otherwise it means I need to file FBAR. Jan 26 '16 at 23:15
  • I remember seeing it on form 8938, but I don't think its there now. Not sure if I made it up or they removed it. in any case, you only report accounts you have during the year, obviously.
    – littleadv
    Jan 27 '16 at 4:49

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