I ran a business in 2015 (sole proprietorship) that had a net loss, and I have discontinued that business. Do I need to file a schedule C for it, assuming I do not want/need to offset other earnings by that loss (and may even benefit from a larger EIC)?

EDIT: None of my income was large enough to be reported by anyone on a 1099 or similar. All my income from this business came from individual customers (as opposed to business entities).

  • Did that business conduct enough activities that other business would have filed tax forms that would impact your tax situation? Jan 17 '16 at 2:43

Yes, if you had income, then you'll need to file Schedule C this year. The fact that it won't get reported on a 1099 does not eliminate your obligation to pay tax on it. The fact that you also had a loss does not change the fact that you had income - It may alter the amount of tax that you ultimately need to pay.

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