Stocks seem to have a 3 day wait (trade plus 3) T+3 for funds to be available to place another trade or withdraw cash without getting a "FED CALL". Options seem to have a 1 day wait. When are funds available for a withdraw or to use to trade after a Futures /ES Emini contract? Is it the same time for /CL and /NQ? When are the funds settled and available for withdraw OR available to use in another trade?

  1. You can't sell options if you don't have margin account (except covered call).

  2. You can't trade futures if you don't have margin account.

  3. Everything is immediate when you have margin account. (Including stocks)

  4. Margin account is not subject to freeriding rules, but is subject to Pattern Day Trader rules.

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Futures are immediate settlement, and your money is available as soon as you close out your position.

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  • Thanks. Does this mean I can trades the same funds multiple times each day? If I put $25,000 into a margin account and trade $25K in the morning, I can trade the other $25K in the afternoon using margin. But then I would be done until it settles T+3. My max trading in one day would be $50K. CAN I USE funds multiple times for futures trading each day? With a $25K deposit can I place round trip trades 4 times and buy & sell the same funds all day? Would the maximum amount of trading funds be unlimited? – fred Dec 9 '15 at 17:15
  • Would the maximum amount of trading funds be unlimited? – fred Dec 9 '15 at 17:21
  • @fred Again, it is immediate, not T+Something. With $25,000, you can buy at 9:30:00, sell all after 1 second, buy again, and sell after another second, repeat thousands of times. – base64 Dec 9 '15 at 17:56

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