What are some/is a Singapore index fund(s) on the Singapore stock exchange? Does Singapore have sector funds on its exchange as well?


There are three ETFs that trade on the Singapore Exchange that trade the Singapore stocks:

db x-trackers MSCI Singapore IM Index UCITS ETF https://etf.deutscheawm.com/SGP/ENG/Download/Factsheet/LU0659578842/O9A/MSCI-Singapore-IM-Index-UCITS-ETF-(DR)/Retail (This tracks the MSCI SIngapore Investable Market Total Return Net Index)

Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF: https://www.nikkoam.com.sg/etf/sti (This tracks the Straits Times Index)

SPDR STI ETF https://www.ssga.com/sg/en/institutional/etfs/funds/spdr-straits-times-index-etf-es3 (This also tracks the Straits Times Index)

You can see the entire set of ETFs that trade on SGX here: https://www.sgx.com/securities/securities-prices?code=etfs (although their descriptions are woefully truncated)

SGX have a screener here that allows you to find different ETFs: https://www.sgx.com/securities/etf-screener

There are no sector ETFs. SGX is a relatively small market.

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