I am looking for a quick online money management tool and I've read great things about Mint.com in the US. Just wondering if anybody knows of an equivalent tool in the UK? Or if mint.com will be branching over here?

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  • I've actually found a new page called www.moneydashboard.com which seems to do something similar. Thanks for the answers. – AlasdairCM Jan 18 '11 at 10:32

Egg. Haven't used it personally. I can do a lot with excel itself, but that is a personal choice. Sometime ago Kublax existed but I read somewhere it went bust.

  • Thanks, but unfortunately Egg.com is only for egg card holders. – AlasdairCM Jan 13 '11 at 11:18
  • 2
    That's correct, but back when I had an Egg card you could also use the service to aggregate information from other bank accounts. I never did as I don't like having personal financial information out on other people's or companies' websites. Call me old fashioned but I like keeping that sort of data on a computer I control. – Timo Geusch Jan 13 '11 at 16:04

They have recently launched an iphone app 'Billguard' in UK which does accounts aggregation which is similiar to mint.com. You can also use try 'Ontrees' iphone app which is another account aggregation software.

I am using Yodlee Money center Website for past 4 years which support lot of bank internationally including all major UK banks and creditcards.


You could try looking for a UK implementation of http://www.yodlee.com/ : Google tells me that http://www.lovemoney.com/ ( http://www.yodlee.com/2010_1_20.html ) is one such service.

I use ANZ money manager - an Australian implementation of Yodlee and find it very useful.

I wouldn't use Yodlee directly though (http://money-watch.co.uk/7197/uk-pfm-tool-review-yodlee-moneycenter) those T&Cs don't sound great.



claims to be the UK's Mint but I have problem using it with my HSBC account right now. I have contacted their helpdesk.

  • They claim to provide these features:
  • Your Clear Cash figure highlights what you can spend or save before payday
  • The Dashboard provides a snapshot of your current financial position
  • Clear and simple graphs track where your money goes month by month
  • See predicted future spending patterns and set targets

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