I am a UK national and looking to buy my first property here. My father lives in India wants to help me with the initial deposit. From what I have been reading in some forums, I am not clear with the process of transferring money from India to UK.

I want to get INR 50 Lakhs transferred to Pound Sterling.

Could anyone help me giving a step by step process of getting the funds transferred and what is the bank fees/ transfer rates going to be? Or is there a currency transfer agency who does this kind of work?


Most Banks allow to make an international transfer. As the amounts is very small, there is no paperwork required. Have your dad walk into any Bank and request for a transfer. He should be knowing your Bank's SWIFT BIC, Name and Address and account number.

Under the liberalised remittance scheme, any individual can transfer upto 1 million USD or eq. A CA certificate is required. Please get in touch with your bank in India for exact steps

  • Hi Dheer, the amount is 50 Lakh's. I have updated the question.
    – tintin
    Nov 22 '15 at 7:45

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