I'm not able to find anything on this. I'm planning to withdraw $5000 from my Roth IRA and $5000 from my Rollover IRA for a home down payment. That's the $10k max to avoid a 10% penalty.

But does the $10k max apply to each type of IRA or just any type of IRAs in aggregate? In other words, can I do $10k from a Roth and $10k from the Rollover?

  • You can always withdraw your nominal annual contributions from your Roth IRA for any reason. I understand for the purpose of the $10,000 qualified withdrawl for a "first time home purchase", you first must withdraw all contributions before you withdraw the $10,000 in earnings. However, I don't know enough about the questions around the rollover to attempt a full answer. – user662852 Oct 27 '15 at 15:49

$10,000 is the limit across any and all IRAs, including Roth. $10,000 Total, not per account.

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