I've submitted my tax return (Self Assessment) to HMRC for the recent year and I've enter my total of the dividends (from my Limited company as contractor) into Service companies box as below:

SA302/SA100 - Service companies - Dividends

as per guide:

You provided your services through a service company if:

  • you performed services (intellectual, manual or a mixture of both) for a client (or clients)

However when HMRC sent my tax calculation (SA302), my total income shows £0.00 as shown below:

SA302 - HMRC - Tax Calculation

which doesn't make any sense.

However it shows fine when I had previously dividends entered in different section (see: SA100 form), into this one:

SA302/SA100 - Dividends from UK companies

Why my dividends through a service company doesn't add up into my total income?

Secondly, in that situation, how would I potentially apply for the mortgage if my income is £0 on my tax calculation?

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