I've found a few ex-dividend date sites for the Dow Jones (can't find any decent ones for the Japanese Nikkei Index). However the ex-dividend dates don't seem to match when I get dividend payouts on my CFD/Spread bet account, the US seems to have ex-dividend dates almost every other day, but I get paid them once a week, is there a list of dates somewhere for when they payout for CFD traders? For any index?

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You should check this with your Broker or CFD Provider, because if you are trading CFDs your Broker/CFD Provider would be paying you the dividends, as you are trading CFDs which are a derivative of the underlying and are provided by your Broker/CFD Provider.

  • I asked my provider and they said they do not keep a list :-s they are city index.
    – User101
    Oct 12, 2015 at 16:49

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