I've found a few ex-dividend date sites for the Dow Jones (can't find any decent ones for the Japanese Nikkei Index). However the ex-dividend dates don't seem to match when I get dividend payouts on my CFD/Spread bet account, the US seems to have ex-dividend dates almost every other day, but I get paid them once a week, is there a list of dates somewhere for when they payout for CFD traders? For any index?


You should check this with your Broker or CFD Provider, because if you are trading CFDs your Broker/CFD Provider would be paying you the dividends, as you are trading CFDs which are a derivative of the underlying and are provided by your Broker/CFD Provider.

  • I asked my provider and they said they do not keep a list :-s they are city index.
    – User101
    Oct 12 '15 at 16:49

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