A colleague recently mentioned to me that many HSBC branches offer self-service coin counting machines - you tip a bag of loose change in, and it credits it to your account. No need to queue up and annoy the counter staff with a bagful of small coins, which I can imagine they hate.

This struck me as a great idea - these machines are common in supermarkets etc, but they tend to take an 8-10% commission, which feels unreasonably high. (though see this question for a different perspective)

Unfortunately, I don't have an HSBC account. Do any other UK banks offer these, either as a routine thing or in specific branches?

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    Ask your bank. They're fairly common in the US but not universal, and my bank doesn't charge for the service if you're depositing that coinage. – keshlam Oct 5 '15 at 22:18
  • Natwest /RBS seems to have them in some branches I saw on being used last week – Pepone Oct 12 '15 at 21:11

Metro Bank has coin counting machines in all of their branches. You don't even need to be a customer, just hand over the slip you get at the counter, and you'll get cash. Plus, if you guess the amount of coins to the nearest pound, you get a free prize (a branded yoyo/water bottle/etc.)!

NatWest has a few in their branches too (mainly larger ones), but you need an account.

Neither of these two banks charge.

  • Oh, great! There's one here in Cambridge which I go past frequently. Will drop in and take a look. – Andrew Oct 6 '15 at 16:11

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