Do Series I Savings Bonds ("I-bonds") have CUSIPs? If so, how can I find the CUSIP for my electronically-purchased I-bonds?

The TreasuryDirect website has information about some recent auctions with associated CUSIPs, but I'm not sure whether any of the things auctioned there are I-bonds. (I seem to remember reading that I-bonds [unlike TIPS] aren't sold at auction. Is that right?)

(Context: I'm trying to manually enter my I-bond holdings on Personal Capital. To have them properly sorted by asset class, it looks like I need to know the CUSIPs for my bonds.)


Saving Bonds data is available at the Treasury direct website. I don't think these get CUSIPs since they are not traded in secondary market.

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    Ah, crud. That makes sense - no point in having a CUSIP for something that isn't traded on the secondary market. Maybe I should switch to TIPS... – senshin Oct 2 '15 at 21:23

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