I have an LLC that I set up but at the time it was created, the business did not have any employees (this is for consulting work I am doing). So I now have an EIN for this LLC but during the IRS interview I specifically said there would not be any employees for this company. Now I am planning on hiring my wife as an employee (so that my business qualifies for small group health insurance). Do I need to get a new EIN for my LLC because I now am hiring employees? Or how do I tell the IRS that the old EIN will now have employees?


I called the IRS (click here for IRS contact info) and they said I do not need to get a new EIN. I could have just filed the appropriate employer federal tax return (940/941) and then the filing requirements would have been updated. But while I was on the phone, they just updated the filing requirements for my LLC so I am all good now (I still need to file the correct form and make the correct payments, etc. but I can use this same EIN going forward).

Disclaimer: Don't trust me (or this answer) for tax advice (your situation may be different). The IRS person on the phone was very helpful so I recommend calling them if you are in a similar situation. FYI, I have found calling the IRS to always be very helpful.

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