I working with a small firm, my monthly salary is Rs. 8000/- for that my employer is deducting 10% ie Rs. 800/- monthly as TDS.

As my annual salary is less than 1 lac I know I wont have to pay any income tax, how to claim that deducted amount or how can I know complete details! Any one help me out!


my employer is deducting 10% ie Rs. 800/- monthly as TDS.

This is incorrect. Your employer should not be deducting any Taxes. Are you sure you are shown as Employee. Or is the company treating you as a contractor.

How to claim that deducted amount

You would need to file Tax Returns at year end. You would need to use Saral Form, or best use the Income Tax website for no charge. Fill the details and claim refunds. It generally takes a year to get the funds back.

As explained, you need to file returns. Show that actual tax is zero, tax paid is x amount. Claim the refund. You can do this online using Income Tax website it will automatically calculate the refund. Generally refunds come through in few months to year.

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  • thankyou! I just found out that, for 6 months while I'm in training phase, I work as a contract employee! – Praneeth Sep 8 '15 at 4:06
  • Hello @Dheer Can you help me how to claim that amount I don't know much about this. – Praneeth Nov 26 '15 at 5:43

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