I have a dual citizenship (US and non-US), and I have never lived in the US, nor have I worked in the US, except for 4 non-consecutive months as a counselor in a summer camp.

I work in a multi-national corporation (based in the US), and my stock options are managed in the US. The investment bank there is asking all employees to file a W8-BEN or a W-9.

Am I required to file a W8-BEN or a W-9? On the one hand, I am a US citizen, on the other hand, I don't live or work in the US.

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Yes, you do. You also need to file a tax return every year, and if you have more than $50k of total savings you need to declare this every year.


Your employer can require a W8-BEN or W-9 if you are a contractor, and in some special cases. I believe this bank managing your stock options can as well; it's to prove you don't have "foreign status". See the IRS's W-9 instructions for details.

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