If I run a home business and a portion of the home is used as an office for the business can I deduct a percentage of the mortgage?


You can claim a deduction only if all of your business is conducted from the home, i.e. your home is your principal place of business - not just if you work from home sometimes.

The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) has pretty strict guidelines listed here, but once you're sure you qualify for a deduction, the next step would be to determine what portion of your home qualifies.

You cannot attempt to deduct your entire mortgage simply because you run your business out of your home.

The portion of your mortgage and other related & allowable home expense deductions has to be pro-rated to be equal to or less than the portion of your home you use for business. Simply put, if your business is operated out of a 120 sq-ft self-contained space, and your home's total square-footage is 2400 sq-ft, you can deduct 5% of your expenses (120/2,400 = 0.05).

Hope this helps!

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    One point that needs to be addressed: you can deduct a certain percentage of mortgage interest, not mortgage principal. Sep 30 '13 at 17:12

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