As the title says. What the general opinion seems to be is that now is the best time ever to sell a small business because of low: interest rates, tax rates, and inflation, plus many large M&A firms have more capital than in previous years. Are there some additional factors that need to be considered in gauging the strength of the economy, and the overall conditions for selling a small company?

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  • The perfect conditions to sell a business are when it is very valuable (lots of profit each year) and you've lost interest in growing it any further.

  • Also if you're in a particular industry when everyone is dying to get into that industry (like the dot com bubble) those are perfect conditions to sell.

Other things like low interest rates and excess M&A capital might contribute to good conditions, but the two cases above are perfect conditions.

  • You missed another perfect condition: (3) When you know your business is about to unrecoverably plummet in value, and you can sell it for higher than its current value.
    – IQAndreas
    Sep 4, 2015 at 0:12

Right now is the perfect time to sell a business.

The ideal time to sell a business is when....

The stock market is hot/high (it is)
Interest rates are low (they are)
Inflation rate is low (it is)
Financing is abundant (it is)
Market is brisk (it is)
When demand is higher than supply (it is)
Buyers abound (they are)
Pricing is favorable (it is)
The company is performing well
The owner is ready

  • You are assuming the the market conditions in North Carolina (where you are) is the same as the market conditions in Texas (where the OP is). Sow how is the cratering Texas oil industry factor into the conditions in North Carolina? Jun 11, 2015 at 13:41

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