So I wrote a check to myself to transfer some money from one of my account at Wells Fargo to Bank of America. The problem is, I used wrong account to withdraw the money (checking instead of saving), and I didn't have enough balance in that account to make the transfer, so check is returned.

I used BofA mobile app to deposit the check, now I'm wondering if I can used the exact same check to make the transfer via bofa mobile app again. I already made a money transfer from Saving to Deposit at Wells, so this time my check should be cleared.

Asking this, because I don't have any other check and don't want to wait another week to get some new checks.

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    Can't you just transfer the money electronically without using any physical check? – BrenBarn May 25 '15 at 23:22

Yes you can redeposit the check using the same application. I would again go through the same process.

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