Looking for offshore online investments, I stumbled upon Privatiers. It seems to be a Swiss asset management firm.

What I would like to know is if it is legit? Does someone have any experience with them?


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Have a look over the list of Swiss regulated institutions?

It's worth also mentioning they have fairly hefty fees:

  1. Closing costs (upfront fee): up to 3.0% of invested capital (according to the cooperation with the local commercial partner / for values greater than $1.000.000 up to 2.0%)

  2. Annual Administration (management fee): 1.0% of the value "effectively" invested from the managed resources.

  3. Performance fee (success fee): 20% of annual net profits generated in accordance with the watermark principle.

They're going to have to get extraordinarily good returns to overcome that dead weight. Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

If your requirement is just for an "offshore online investment" then there are certainly cheaper and arguably safer options. Open a brokerage account in a country of your choice, and buy a local-total-stockmarket ETF, gold, or bonds. Or see one of the several other questions about opening a foreign bank account.

  • I couldn't find them in the Swiss list of regulated institutions. Thanks for the analysis though. Better stay clear.
    – Ali
    Dec 3, 2010 at 16:45

See: http://www.privatiers.eu/novo/en-products/01_constant_earnings_with_absolute_return.php

When people sell securities with absolute, constant, high returns, they are usually crooked or ignorant.

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