I won a contest and the sponsor paid the money without withholding tax against my W8BEN. I am Indian citizen and I have to file taxes to US from India. I have received 1042-S claiming that I have to pay 30% Tax.

What is the process to file taxes to IRS from India?

Most material on IRS site refers to how a sponsor or a company can file for 1042-S and how US Citizens can file tax. There is nothing I found points to how a foreign national can file taxes to IRS for the income received from US entity.


You need to file IRS Form 1040-NR. The IRS's website provides instructions.


I had to follow these steps

  • Apply for ITIN first, takes almost couple of months
  • Apply for 1040-NR as recommended by @Heath
  • For the delayed process, file penalty + tax

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