I've been out of the country for the past couple years. I called the IRS this year and found out my last years tax return was rejected because I electronically signed it.

People have told me you can always contribute up until the tax deadline, so my question is since I have to refile for 2013 can I also make a retroactive contribution for 2013 since I have to refile that years taxes anyway?

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No. The electronic rejection didn't change the due date of your return and the following code sections still apply.

§ 408A(c)(7) -> §219(f)(3)

(3) Time when contributions deemed made
For purposes of this section, a taxpayer shall be deemed to have made a contribution to an individual retirement plan on the last day of the preceding taxable year if the contribution is made on account of such taxable year and is made not later than the time prescribed by law for filing the return for such taxable year (not including extensions thereof).


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