I have had problems to find out where, at which American bank, a company I worked for had deposited commission cash and given custody of some shares I purchased through options. But now that I found out they claim that it was donated to the fed because I had abandoned the account (didn't contact in more than 3 years). But the problem was that I didn't know where to look.

Is there a way to recover the money/assets?

Please note that I live in Europe.

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    Shares wouldn't be held in a bank account. Could you elaborate on the arrangement you were participating in? Do you know the original broker where your shares were on account? Were the shares of a public company? – Chris W. Rea Apr 1 '15 at 12:33
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    I don't know what's the original broker but could eventually try to find out. Yes, the shares where originally from lucent technologies. Is there a way to recover this? – CMPSoares Apr 1 '15 at 12:49

If the financial institution is no longer active, try the unclaimed funds site:

FDIC unclaimed funds website

Otherwise, cross-referencing your name across several databases is necessary:

bureau of the fiscal service website


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