If I short 100 shares of a stock trading at 20$, what is my initial margin and my maintenance margin that I need to maintain with my broker?

I have a REG T margin account.


Depends on the stock involved, but for the most part brokerages allow you gain entry at 50%, meaning you can short twice the cash on hand you have.

Going forward, you need to maintain 30%, so on a $10,000 short, you'd have to maintain $3000 in your account.

Example, an account with $5000 cash - You can short $10,000 securities. Let say 100 shares of xyz at $100 per share.

After trade settles, you won't receive a margin call until your balance falls to $3000, probably right around the time xyz rises to $120 per share.

Riskier stocks will have higher margin maintenance requirements - leveraged vehicles like FAS/FAZ (triple leveraged) require 90% margin (3x30%) if they are allowed to be 'shorted' at all.

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