Let us say I am short a stock ABC. I buy the stock back on the ex dividend date. Now, when I buy the stock, I have to return it to the original lender that loaned me the stock,correct?

If that is the case, after buying the stock, do I get to keep the dividend? Or the dividend goes to the original owner? My guess is the latter.


You went from potentially owing the dividend to being neutral, not owing. Not getting. Your position was -100, then 0, not positive. The guy you borrowed from gets her dividend regardless, if not from you then from the company paying its dividend.

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    Actually if he buys back stock on ex-dividend date he will still have to pay the dividend to the person borrowed off. – Victor Mar 19 '15 at 8:58
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    Funny, title for question says before and body of question, on. Of course you are right. – JTP - Apologise to Monica Mar 19 '15 at 9:36
  • A subtle point is that the lender receives a “payment in lieu of dividend” and this can lead to higher taxes for the lender because he loses qualified dividend rate (the buyer of the loaned shares is the one who receives the actual dividend). – Bob Baerker Feb 19 '20 at 14:55

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