I have some software subscriptions for my indie developer business (Sole Proprietorship -- file as an individual). Xamarin and MSDN. I generally pay for a year at a time. The amounts involved are not small -- hundreds of dollars up to a few thousand. Two parts to my question:

1) How should I report the subscriptions on my US income taxes?
2) How do I get TurboTax to do the correct thing, given the answer to part 1?

  • Do you file as an individual or as a corporation? – Rocky Jan 8 '15 at 17:47

Generally prepaid services should be capitalized over the period prepaid. But if it is up to a year - you can just expense them.

As to the technicalities - you can contact Intuit support, but you should be able to put it in the same area where you put all your other business expenses. If you're a sole proprietor - that would be Schedule C.

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