My parents informed me they want to give me 1 million Philippine pesos. I am in the U.S. and the money will come from the Philippines. It is roughly $22k. Can they just wire the money directly to my bank? My mom is a U.S. citizen residing in the Philippines and my dad is a U.S. immigrant (he retained his Philippine citizenship).


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Your Mom is a US citizen, so the fact that she's in the Philippines is irrelevant for the US gift tax purposes. Your dad is a US immigrant (I understand it as "green card holder"), which means that from tax perspective he's treated as if he was a US citizen.

So the gift is taxable by the US.

The US gift tax has an annual exemption of $14K, and if exceeded - a gift tax return (form 709) is required. Since your parents (I'm assuming) are married, they can "split" the $22K as if it was given as a separate gift of $11K by each of them. They don't need to actually split the money and do two transfers, they only do the split on paper - that same form 709. In this way - they take the gift below the exemption levels and no tax is due. The form filing is required to document the gift splitting.

You do not need to report anything. Gifts are not taxable income to you and are not reported on your tax return (unless from foreigners and above $100K limit, in which case an informational form 3520 is required).

Check with a Philippine tax accountant about local tax laws on gifts, if any.

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