I like to use the envelope system for budgeting, but I can't escape the convenience of debit cards, so a few months ago I set up 5 debit cards, one for my primary account, food, gasoline, household items and personal entertainment. That way I can make an automated transfer from the primary accounts to the other accounts, and always know how much money I have left in each account.

But it is annoying carrying around 5 debit cards. I've heard that some banks offer checking or savings accounts with "sub-accounts" which you can create, simply for the purpose of logically grouping transactions. Anybody heard of this or have any recommendations?

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ING Direct does this.

Also, have you heard of Mvelopes? It's a subscription-based service, but it's pretty simple to use, and it lets you have as many envelopes as you want. You're not limited to five.


Alliant Credit Union has supplemental accounts, ING Direct has supplemental accounts as well as the poster above mentioned.


Just use a credit card like AMEX Blue that categorizes your purchases, and reconcile at the end of the month. There is no good reason to use a debit card.

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