I am trying to file my required statement of Information using the form at https://businessfilings.sos.ca.gov. The site fails to find my Limited Liability Company by name. I have gone through all my documents and have failed to find a 7 digit corporate number. The ftb faq is useless, this is the best I could find.

Perhaps the number is obfuscated inside of the 15 digit sos number?

Any help is appreciated and will probably prevent me from accruing some unjustified fine.

P.S why do i have to pay $20 to notify California that nothing has changed? In my world no news is good news. :)


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Filing the required Statement of Information for Limited Liability Companies online is not supported.

The postcard reminder reads:

Most corporations can file online at https://businessfilings.sos.ca.gov/.

IMO it should read:

All Limited Liability Companies must file by mail. Most corporations can file online at https://businessfilings.sos.ca.gov/

Also note the first page of the Form LLC-12R should be ignored because it states:

The fastest way for a corporation to file their required Statement of Information is to file online using our online E-File Statements of Information for Corporations at https://businessfilings.sos.ca.gov/ and request a copy over the counter in our Sacramento office, if a copy or certified copy is needed.

There is a helpful tool for gathering information at http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/.


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