My Payees in Quicken are a mess. It seems like every transaction for the past 10 years has gotten an entry in there. So how do I clean it up? I can't delete them one at a time.


Look at your list of memorized payees by going to Tools->Memorized Payee List

Find somebody who you know you haven't paid in a really long time, and remember them.

Close out of that window to return to the main window.

  1. Click Edit->Preferences
  2. In the Preferences Window in the tree pane click Register->Data Entry and QuickFill
  3. Enter a value in Remove memorized payees not used in the last N Months textbox.
  4. Click OK
  5. Exit Quicken, and open it up again.

When Quicken loads up again, go back into Tools->Memorized Payee List and see if the Payee you haven't used in a long time is still there; the list should be considerably shorter.

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