I live in PA, do you know if I enroll in 529 plan before the end of the year and contribute some amount, will I get State tax refund in 2014?

I usually owe 0$ on state taxes. I understand if I owed some amount, some of it could be written off because of state deduction. But if you owe nothing do you get a credit instead?

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If you don't pay state taxes at all, I don't believe you can get a refund (actually "refund" is probably not the right word).

However, if you pay state taxes but don't owe money when it comes time to file, any additional deductions/credits will result in your having overpaid, which means you can get that money refunded.

  • In general you have to contribute to a 529 plan associated with your state. Dec 4, 2014 at 17:25
  • In tax lingo, the word refundable means that for a given tax credit, it may very well dial back to money the government owes you, beyond what you paid. I agree, that for PA, the refund is just that, refund only, not refundable, as it's not a credit, just a deduction. Dec 4, 2014 at 22:00

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