This is the transfer instruction for anyone that want to send money to choicebank

Intermediary Institution: Bank of America, N.A.
NationsBank Tower
100 South East 2nd Street
Miami, Florida
ABA No. 026‐009‐593
Routing 051000017
Beneficiary Bank: Choice Bank Limited
1 Coney Drive, 3rd Floor
Belize City, Belize
Account Number: 1901‐1‐06100

My understanding is that 1901‐1‐06100 is the bank account number of choice bank in bank of America. So I am basically transfering money to bank of America and then choicebank, recoqnizing it, will credit the money to my account.

Am I correct?

Then there are these 2 numbers that are confusing

ABA No. 026‐009‐593
Routing 051000017

I understand routing number is. I thought it's number poped by american bank assosiation. Then there is this ABA number again. Also the routing numbers do not match.

This http://www.ehow.com/about_6502241_aba-vs_-bank-routing-number.html shows that it should match.

So, what's wrong?


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Routing number (RTN - Routing Transit Number) you're talking about is the Federal Reserve routing number. It is based on, but not equivalent to ABA numbers. The specific routing number may also be based on ABA numbers of institutions merged into BoA, which are now defunct.

From wiki:

The RTN number is derived from the bank's transit number originated by the American Bankers Association, which designed it in 1910.

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