I am looking for free sites to download end-of-day stock data for Tokyo stocks but my efforts have been in vain. The best hope was Yahoo Finance but it does not provide end-of-day data for Tokyo stocks.I do not mind subscribing to a paid service as long as it is in the affordable range(around USD200 a year) for retail investors. Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are too expensive for small guys like me.

  • I would still call them up and ask for a quote, if you aren't going to use them commercially. As they provide other services too, they could probably remove those services from the market data feed. But I would believe $200 would be too less to subscribe to market data. – DumbCoder Oct 22 '14 at 9:06

Google Finance certainly has data for Tokyo Stock Exchange (called TYO on Google) listings. You could create a "portfolio" consisting of the stocks you care about and then visit it once per day (or write a script to do so).

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