Let us say I have 2 walmart gift cards , each for 10$. Now if I go to walmart and buy a 20 $ item (before tax), then I can give the 2 gift cards one after another and that will cover the cost.

Now when buying online, is the same true? Usually on the checkout page, I just see one text box for discount-code(which i assume is the gift card code). So does it mean that I can only use one card?

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    Are you asking about Walmart specifically? In general this is a feature that some sites may support and others may not. – Nate Eldredge Sep 26 '14 at 16:02
  • Discount code has nothing to do with gift cards. It is more like an online coupon. – JohnFx Sep 26 '14 at 16:34

Each website has different limits for the number of coupons, gift certificates, and payment cards they will accept for a single transaction.

Some websites allow you to merge gift cards into a single bucket; Starbucks and iTunes some to mind.

The only way to see is to try and add multiple. I have seen sites that when you enter the first card number it puts it in a list and allows for you to add a another card with no indication what the limit is.

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