Let us say I have accumulated 50,000 air miles and use it on a flight on Alaska Air from Vancouver to Anchorage. Now , is it correct that just by taking the flight itself, I will earn back 'all' those 50 000 miles. It seems like the flight is free in that case.


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Flight from Vancouver to Anchorage is approximately 1571 miles. Alaskan Airlines may charge you 50,000 miles to book a flight but you only earn back 1 mile for every 1 mile you fly. So in face it may take you 50,000 miles in flying in order to earn 50,000 miles or by opening a new credit card with Alaska Air.

It is a marketing scheme where you earn miles by opening a credit card and use it to book flights or joining their frequent flyer program.

Hope you check and understand difference between air miles earn and use policy.

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You don't earn FF miles when flying on an award ticket on any airline that I'm aware of.

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