I understand that in the UK national insurance is a deduction made to your salary. I have seen this question/answer, that lists 2 very good websites that breakdown your take home pay for UK residents.

However, TAX has some clear guidlines, i.e. £10K tax free, 20% on earnings between £10K and £41K, and so on. Is there some guidelines like that for National Insurance?

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To quote from the HMRC website:

If you're employed you pay Class 1 National Insurance contributions. The rates are:

if you earn more than £153 a week and up to £805 a week, you pay 12% of the amount you earn between £153 and £805

if you earn more than £805 a week, you also pay 2% of all your earnings over £805

You pay a lower rate if you're a member of your employer's contracted-out pension scheme.

If you're self-employed then it's much more complicated.

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