I have a social security number that I'm not sure if it is mine or not. I've been given this SSN from my parents long time ago and I need to verify it.

This number however, matches the number showed in my mutual fund account in the US that has been opened for decades. So my question would be do they (the mutual fund broker/company) check and validate my SSN that it matches my name or not?

Added background info from another question:

I'm a dual citizen with US and another citizen in another country. I was born outside the US but because one of my parents is an american, I was given a US citizenship also apart from my local one. I've studied, worked and lived outside the US in the past 35 years. the latest visit to the US soil was about six years ago for less than a month stay (touring). All my registrations with schools, universities, banks, brokers ... the company that I work for are registered as a local citizen (no one knows I also have a US passport)


You can validate your Social Security number at http://www.ssa.gov/employer/ssnv.htm

Your mutual fund is not an appropriate way to check the validity of your SSN. The issuing organization is the best place to go; in this case that is the Social Security Administration within US government.