Until I got an account in France, I didn't know that you can have letters in your account number. Since it's in EU, I've got IBAN with the account, which shows the letter as well, and it has a two-digit hash code so it looks like this:

FR55 2004 1000 0123 4565 4Y32 177

The original account number is in the format:

ETABL 24001,   GUICHET 00001,   No COMPTE 12345654Y321,   CLE RIB 77

How is Y considered when the IBAN hash is calculated? (Remark: I made up the above number so 55 is probably not the correct hash.)

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For the calculation of the check digits, any alphabetical characters are replaced by 2-digit numbers consisting of 9 plus the position of the character in the Latin alphabet, so

 A -> 10 
 B -> 11 

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